Fiber Art North East Artist Bios

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Natalya Khorover Aikens

Natalya's art is an extension of her commitment to using recycled and repurposed materials, a lifelong advocacy. Her detailed works are nuanced and reimagined images inspired by the lines of the urban environment.


A close examination of Natalya's art reveals delightful and unexpected combinations of materials as diverse as vintage lace, plastic sheeting, and candy wrappers, layered and collaged with machine and hand stitching.


Nike Cutsumpas

Nike's art is her creative expression of nature with all the inspiration that nature gives her every day. 


Demonstrating nature in its many forms through a fantasy perspective allows her boundless diversity in creativity.  Creating art with color and fiber is compelling. 


Nike makes her art to satisfy herself and hopes that it will please the viewer as a visual feast of color, shape and texture, style and technique.


Jane Davila

Jane is a fiber and mixed media artist who incorporates many printmaking techniques into her work. She teaches printmaking, surface design, art quilting, and art business workshops extensively worldwide.

Repeating motifs of fish, birds, and insects reflect her ongoing fascination with nature, the environment, and human impact.


Tamar Drucker

Tamar has always loved to dream and create art work, so she is drawn to cutting and collaging fabrics, and then quilting. Her inspirations come from books, classical music, traveling, and taking photographs.


Judy Gignesi

Since she got her first Singer sewing machine in 1957, Judy has been sewing; she started quilting in the 1980s, making traditional bed quilts, but over the years has become more involved with mixed media and art quilts.

She loves learning new techniques and exploring new creative possibilities as her work continues to evolve.


Cindy Green

Raised in a family of creative people, Cindy’s favorite pastime was always “making things,” and she has tried everything from drawing and painting to jewelry making.  


She was thrilled to discover fiber-and mixed-media arts in Jane Davila’s “Art Quilting 101” class about 15 years ago and has dabbled in them ever since.


Cindy’s art reflects her spiritual connection to nature..